Mostly 2 to 3 Items Per Online Order: Why Distributed Buy Buttons Are Coming

Tech industry analyst Ben Bajarin (Creative Strategies) writes at Tech.pinions that the ‘the future of e-commerce is social and distributed’ (paywall):

Mobile wallets and things like Apple Pay and Android Pay will do for the entirety of e-commerce what one click checkout did for Amazon. They will turn the entire web into one click shopping. So we need a “beyond the cart” mentality.


I ran some research across our global consumer panel and asked how many packages are purchased on average at one time from an e-commerce site. Globally, 2-3 items at a time had the highest number of respondents at 44%. iPhone owners on average purchased more products at one time than Android users. However, 33% said on average they only purchased one product at a time while buying goods online. I expect this number will grow significantly.

These numbers mean that the bundle/shopping cart challenge1 for a more distributed online retail market may not be as big as most (me included) suspect.

The open question is where exactly the new aggregation level, and hence the profits, will occur.

Will it be at the social / discovery level? (Facebook, Pinterest)

Will it be in the delivery sector? (Uber adding platform features)

Or will it be the big online retailers who can successfully leverage multi-category bundles to become true platforms? (Think Amazon Prime & Marketplace or Zalandos plan to become an all-encompassing fashion platform)

More on this trend at Early Moves:

  1. High transaction and shipping costs when items don’t come from one place. (e.g. one retailer like Amazon) 

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