Black Friday: Amazon Fire TV Sales Up 6x Over Last Year

Fire TV

Amazon is reporting increased sales for its devices. From the press release:

The top-selling products across all of the products available on this Black Friday were Amazon devices—#1 was Fire, #2 was Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV sales are up more than 6x year over year this holiday shopping weekend. From July through October (the last month for which there is data) Fire TV has been the #1 streaming media player in the US, across all retailers.

On its first Black Friday, Amazon Echo was the #1 best seller across all $100+ products on

The new $49.99 Fire tablet is the fastest-selling Amazon tablet ever, with millions sold since launch—Amazon tablet sales this weekend are up more than 3x year over year.

This is good news given how important strategically both the Fire TV and to a slightly lesser extent the Echo are for Amazon.

True to its tradition, Amazon unfortunately reports only relative not absolute numbers.

But even here one can read between the lines and see that, perhaps, the e-reader business is not doing as great as the other devices do:

The Kindle e-reader business continues to grow—customers bought hundreds of thousands of Kindle e-readers this weekend.

Where’s the ‘x’?

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