Patents Show Amazon’s Ambitions For Augmented Reality In The Living Room

Forbes reports on new patents awarded to Amazon:

Recent patents awarded to Amazon show a way of bringing this technology into the living room. Unlike many others efforts in AR, it looks like Amazon doesn’t want to rely on any sort of headgear. One patent describes a way of using light beams to display AR scenes in a room and to track what’s going on in an environment. The patent describes it as such: “A room equipped with computerized projection and imaging systems that enable presentation of images on various objects within the room to facilitate user interaction with the images and/or objects.”

It seems like Amazon tried to hide for as long as possible that it is working on this:

It appears that Amazon has been working on much of this technology through an entity called Rawles LLC, said Mikhail Avady of legal technology firm SmartUp Legal, who surfaced these patents. Avady said that Amazon had acquired most of these patents from the holding company last month. Most of the people listed as inventors on the patents from Rawles are Lab126 employees.

Think of the possibilities for Amazon in this in terms of “QVC 2.0 and beyond”.

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