Zalando’s Logistics Infrastructure Becomes a Little Less Centralized


Zalando reports at its corporate blog on the new logistics center in Italy:

Zalando’s first logistics centre outside of Germany opened on 15th December 2015  in Stradella, northern Italy. Just like when we were building up our own logistics in Germany, our satellite in Italy will be starting out as a pilot project in with a service provider.

We can rely on the international logistics know-how of our partner Fiege, as well as on our inventory control system ZALOS, which was developed in-house. ZALOS allows us to make sure everything runs smoothly to the high Zalando quality that we are all used to.

With 20,000 square metres of logistics space we can now make sure that our Italian customers will get their packages in the future even faster. The logistics centre will be geared towards the Italian market and will cover the majority of Italian orders, meaning that we will be able to fulfill the increasing demands of the emerging Italian e-commerce market.

Up until now Zalando operated a remarkably centralized logistics infrastructure with all logistics centers located within Germany and only retour centers in most of the other European markets Zalando operates in.

It was only a matter of time until this would change. The big question though is now how exactly logistics will evolve for a company that is on the verge of becoming a platform with a lot of different partners and modus operandi (like drop-shipments with MOVMNT).

There is a tiny hint of more to come in 2016 in the mentioned blog post:

All of our 15 markets are unique. Instead of standardised concepts, we look for the best solutions for each individual market. For example, this can be seen in the range and lines, in the marketing, in the payment methods or in the different delivery options of each market. The next step is the expansion of our logistics network.

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