What Zalando Expects in Mobile Trends for 2016


What does Zalando, which is on the verge of becoming a ‘multi-app’ company like Facebook and others, think about the mobile trends for 2016? Kristina Walcker-Mayer,
Mobile Apps Product Specialist and Mobile First Evangelist at Zalando, wrote a few days ago about the mobile trends from the point of view of Zalando at Zalando’s tech blog.

Take all this with a grain of salt. It is rehashing initatives (like the mostly failed attempt of making Instagram images shoppable) and advertising what Zalando is doing, naturally. But having this published on Zalando’s tech blog, it also tells us a a few things about how Zalando sees its future and how it wants to be perceived by the public and by potential future hires in particular.

Here are some quotes:

In general, we assume that the mobile landscape will become more consolidated next year: the mobile leaders (social platforms, messenger apps, etc.) will take over most of the mobile moments of the consumer. For brands, this means they have to hook up with big players in order to keep up with their customers, by still providing own mobile services and solutions.

Hence the Instagram initiative and, implicitly, Zalando turning into a fashion platform with all kinds of apps by Zalando and third-parties. When you’re already big and you see the opportunity for a platform play, a general consolidation trend in the market looks good to you. (This doesn’t necessarily mean this trend is indeed happening. In fact, there are a lot of indicators that hint at more flux in the near future at all levels other than the mobile OS duopoly. We’ll see.)

For even more companies, mobile has become a core pillar of their global strategy in 2015, and this will only grow further in 2016. Mobile is not only a channel, but a core strategic component for every step of the shopping lifecycle. (…)

Mobile is already seen as an important engagement tool for the personal customer relationship. Brands should expect consumers to become more empowered and, therefore, demand instant gratification, whether through up to date content or purchases.

Employees need to understand that the shift from desktop to mobile is happening faster than imaginable at the moment. The culture of product development needs to shift from desktop-first to mobile-first. This is not only doable by a single mobile team, but by integrating the entire company in this shift.

Read more about what we did to drive the Mobile Mindshift within Zalando here.

I could not agree more. That is why Zalando’s mobile strategy is very promising.

For more on Zalando’s (and Amazon’s) imminent future consider the questions I formulated here: Amazon vs. Zalando In a World Of Apps.


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