Amazon: Alexa gets a VP and a Super Bowl Ad

Amazon Echo

The march of Alexa into the core of Amazon’s business continues. Amazon Appstore VP Steve Rabuchin is now the head of engineering and business teams of Alexa, including the Alexa app store. This is a promotion for the Alexa platform, which at this point seems poised to become a cornerstone platform not just for Amazon but the whole voice interface paradigm.

Amazon is also going to advertise Echo (the speaker behind the Alexa voice platform) during the Super Bowl. TechCrunch:

Amazon is clearly doubling down on its Alexa-powered connected speaker Echo, and the Alexa ecosystem as a whole – and not just because it’s now shelling out the big bucks to advertise the product during the Super Bowl for the first time, though that, too, is notable. But the company has also put its Amazon Appstore VP, Steve Rabuchin, in charge of Alexa’s growing business, including the Alexa App Store (aka “Alexa Skills”) and the teams inside Amazon working to bring Alexa to other connected devices.

The latest two new features Echo and Alexa got where sports updates (could be a theme for the Super Bowl ad), movie theater details and the ability for Alexa to read Kindle books aloud.

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