How Etsy is Making Checking Out More Mobile Friendly

Etsy logo

Stephanie Grodin, Group Product Manager for the payments team, at the Etsy Blog:

Express Checkout gives buyers who are ready to purchase the ability to skip the shopping cart and check out in two simple steps. This feature launched last year to signed-in US buyers on desktop and mobile web. Today we are expanding that ability to buyers on the Etsy iOS app with a new addition for Express Checkout: Apple Pay.

Now Express Checkout is even easier — buyers can tap the “Buy it Now” button, select Apple Pay, place their thumb on Touch ID, and be on their way. Buyers who don’t wish to use Apple Pay or who don’t have Touch ID-enabled iOS devices can simply continue to pay with their stored credit card information or PayPal.

This is only just the beginning of using functionalities that get integrated into the mobile operating systems like payment with Apple Pay.

How would a pure mobile online retailer, trying to provide the best mobile experience, set up shop?

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