How and Why Zalando is Making Return Shipments Easier

Zalando Liefery

Zalando has made its name with free return shipments from its inception. This has always been a hallmark of Zalando.1 Zalando has always been insisting that free return shipments are good for business: Especially in fashion, they give customers a sense of safety when it comes to ordering online. This makes a lot of sense. People are more willing to buy fashion online if they know they are not taking a financial risk for when those clothes won’t fit.

And, against this background, it also makes sense that Zalando is working on making it easier for customers to send products back.

For this Zalando is working together with logistics partner Liefery. Liefery allows for customers to let return shipments be picked up for free by Liefery on weekdays in the evening. Right now this is being tested in Cologne. (German)

Hermes, the logistics subsidiary of German mail order retail group Otto, owns 28.5% of Liefery. (German)

Liefery used to be a spinoff of German airline Lufthansa. (Their stake is now owned by Hermes.)

Liefery is a Uber-style p2p on-demand delivery service, operating in 50 cities with around 2.500 couriers.

  1. much as they have been reasons for scepticism within the German business press. But, it turns out, if you plan accordingly you can still make a profit with free return shipments in the mix. 


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