US: Mobile Now 56 Percent Of Traffic To Top Sites, Amazon Leading in Mobile Web Shopping

Marketingland quoting SimilarWeb’s State of Mobile Web US 2015 report:

The report is based on the company’s analysis of the top 10,000 US websites in 24 categories. It does not include app usage. The following are the top 10 mobile traffic site categories, with the top five are receiving at least 60 percent of their traffic from mobile devices.

  1. Beauty and Fitness
  2. Home and Garden
  3. Health
  4. Pets and Animals
  5. People and Society
  6. Shopping
  7. Gambling
  8. Auto
  9. Recreation and Hobbies
  10. Sports

While mobile drove more traffic, engagement remains higher on desktop overall, with more time on site and more pages per visit, on average.

Keep in mind that this is mobile web only. Apps, the main part of mobile internet usage, are not represented in this report.
This is still interesting: Amazon is far ahead on mobile according to SimilarWeb’s report.

Mobile Web Leaders: Shopping

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