Fleek Gains Zalando Login and ‘Prime Time Notifications’


The Zalando login saga more and more seems to be a useful tool to use for looking inside the evolving platform strategy of Zalando when it comes to the user-facing aspects.

With version 1.1 Zalando’s mobile marketplace app Fleek fixed the most glaring omission: Users can now log in using their Zalando credentials (via), which also imports associated information like the delivery address.

There is no way (at least no visible way) to connect an existing fleek account with Zalando login credentials. So existing users, which admittedly probably aren’t that many yet, have to log out and log back in with Zalando, loosing all “Follow” connections and bookmarks in the process. There is no inter-app way of authentication.1 Users have to type in their email and passwords. It is obviously a work in progress.

A speedboat, indeed.

Now, this may not matter much, as Fleek, which launched about a month ago, most likely does not have a significant user base yet. But it shows that the integration itself is still a work in progress. And, more importantly, the internal debate at the company about in what way exactly Zalando’s platform armada of mobile apps will be connected towards its users makes the company’s strategy not as straight-forward to execute as possible. (Because it seems that the strategy itself is very much in flux.)

A few questions arise: Was it planned this way from the start? If so, why is the Zalando login not better integrated, now that it launched? Why bother launching the app without it in the first place? What are the plans for Zalando’s mobile apps in general regarding the connection to Zalando itself?2

Fleek will also gain a Facebook login option in the near future. (via Exciting Commerce, German) One wonders if users will be able to connect Facebook to their Zalando accounts on Fleek or wether Facebook will be a completely separate authentication option as well.3

On another note: Fleek is deploying what I call “prime time notifications”. A few days a week Fleek is sending a notification at exactly 8 P.M. that reads more or less as “come by and have a look again”.4 An interesting (and slightly odd) choice given the fact that Fleek aims at a younger audience according to the company.

More on this topic:

  1. Where users get bounced to the authentication providing app (in this case Zalando), accept the connection and get bounced back to the newly connected app (in this case Fleek). 
  2. More on that in a future article. 
  3. In case this is not clear: A third completely separate authentication option would be ..suboptimal on several fronts. 
  4. The latest prime time notification says: “Trump is trending: Donalds favorite jeans” (in German) followed by the now (it seems) mandatory ‘I’m a special notification’ emoticons. 


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