The narrative around Rocket Internet is changing

Rocket Internet

Christoph Gerber, co-founder of, on Rocket Internet:

The only way Rocket Internet knows how to execute is a brute-force attack instead of well executed thought through marketing.

From what you hear people inside of Rocket Internet there is huge problem with fluctuation. People are unhappy about the culture and the way Rocket still involves itself in most business decisions. Some insights here: .They have no entrepreneurs running their companies but managers with an upside incentive. In my opinion and looking at these former consultantsmm they don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. They like the lifestyle, they like calling themselves “entrepreneurs” and they like the vision of building the next “Zalando”. They are purely driven by money — not by the thought of building something great.

This is followed by a detailed analysis of Westwing, Home24 and HelloFresh, three of the main businesses under Rocket Internet. He comes to a negative conclusion with all of them.

Now, don’t forget that this is an entrepreneur talking about a competitor.1 So, most of this is as one would expect. But nevertheless it is remarkable that this got published. Back in, say, 2012 or ’13 when Rocket Internet was dominating German startup news something like this would have been almost unthinkable.

The main takeaway: People are less and less afraid of Rocket Internet. And, I would say, most likely for good reasons.

More on this topic:

  1. Lieferando competes with Rockets’ DeliveryHero and, what feels like, a dozen other food delivery services of all varieties from Rocket. About his analysis: For one I don’t buy into his conclusion on Westwing. 


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