The Changing Ecommerce Landscape

We are following several threads on the changing ecommerce landscape here at Early Moves. Here is an overview.

Global Strategies

Increasingly, big companies with global -instead of international- strategies are setting the agenda. Amazon is the obvious example. Berlin based online fashion retailer Zalando is another one. On the other hand, Rocket Internet’s rather traditionally international strategy is problematic in my eyes.


Amazon Prime

There is much to learn from how Amazon pushed and established Amazon Prime and keeps iterating on it. Start with this primer.


Amazon’s New Device Based Platforms

Having missed the smartphone platform wars (and having failed colosssaly with the Fire Phone) Amazon has been hard at work at future hardware based platforms. All of these are promising in different ways: Amazon Alexa, the voice interface platform prominently manifested in the Echo (start with this primer), Fire TV, and the Dash Button and the Dash Replenishment Service. Interestingly, they are all platforms for the (smart) home. Two, the dash universe and the Alexa universe, are part of a larger trend I call ‘Screenless E-Commerce’, for lack of a better term.


Zalando’s Platform Strategy

About a year ago Zalando announced a new platform strategy with tools for brands and marketers and a new approach to mobile with multiple apps. This ongoing transformation form a rather traditional online retailer to a true platform company is a work in progress we follow closely.


Ecommerce in a Post-PC World

The two aforementioned topics are a part of this thread. In essence, “Ecommerce in a Post-PC World” could be the tagline for this publication as we try to capture the new dynamics of an online retail world driven by smartphones, smart TV platforms and other new platforms far and away from the old paradigm of the desktop, the browser and the web; for good and for bad. Start at this primer for a lot of still open questions regarding the new dynamics.


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