An One-Hour Long Discussion on Why Amazon is an Unstoppable Juggernaut


Episode 081 of the Exponent podcast is a great 54 minute discussion on Amazon and the company’s relative position to the other tech giants:

Ben and James explain why Alexa is an even bigger deal than it seems, and why both Apple and Google should fear Amazon. Plus, why Microsoft’s challenges are only beginning.

Spoiler: Amazon, more than any other big tech company, is geared towards being a very effective platform provider. This gives Amazon even an edge over Apple and Google when it comes to the market the Echo and Alexa are operating in. (And the same can be said for AWS vs. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.)
Combine this with years-long and ongoing heavy investments in several infrastructure points (AWS, logistics, Alexa) and what you get is a company with several moats and no apparent critical point of weakness for now.

Exponent is the accompanying podcast to Ben Thompsons Stratechery. The podcast is like the blog focussed on technology business topics and, like the latter, highly recommended.

We have occasionally pointed to and discussed Thompson’s takes on Amazon:

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