B2B Expansion: Zalando Increases Share in Anatwine, Rebuilds Merchant Center

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The acquisition of Tradebyte obviously doesn’t keep Zalando from investing further into the similarly (but not identically) positioned UK-based Anatwine. From Anatwine’s announcement:

We’re excited to announce a successful funding round that has raised $12 million to back Anatwine’s technological innovation in the online fashion, apparel and sports wear environment. (…)

The investment is a result of our huge annual like for like revenue growth of 421%; with current growth at an incredible 44% month on month increase in sales. The opening of our New York based office is also already playing a part in our success, with the first three months alone seeing the US team build a pipeline of 40 of the biggest US-based retailers and brands!

As part of the funding closure, Zalando has also increased its minority shareholding in Anatwine.

Zalando is also in the midst of rebuilding its Merchant Center, the way brands and outside merchants can connect with the Zalando platform (and start selling on Zalando and its mobile marketplaces like Fleek or Movmnt), as chronicled at the Zalando tech blog:

The rebuild will offer a new way to connect our stock partners to the Zalando Platform. It will allow partners to connect to the Merchant Center API directly, or use the Merchant Center frontend in order to upload articles and receive orders manually. The new elements we’re implementing will save time for our partner brands, on top of ensuring better usability of the platform. How does this happen from a technical standpoint? (…)

What we’re planning for our Merchant Center is to replace this with general interfaces that are based on Zalando’s current transition from a shop monolith to microservices. We’ll also be utilising AWS and RESTful architectural styles that incorporate both backend and frontend technologies. AWS simplifies the deployment of new versions of our services, on top of ensuring scalability and easy maintainability. (…)

Partner brands will have frontend capacities in the rebuilt Merchant Center, unlike now, meaning that they’ll be able to operate the technological components required to onboard articles and define prices, stock, and their location. They’ll also be able to complete general order fulfilment, customer returns, and everything related to financial processes. This gives brands independence within the platform, rather than relying completely on Zalando to be integrated.

In essence, Zalando is building out a B2B interface suite that will make it as easy as possible to integrate with Zalando.

And in the meantime (and for everyone who needs a multihoming approach) Zalando still has Tradebyte inhouse and a stake in Anatwine.

All this is as to be expected. Right now, Zalando’s platform strategy is very much a B2B play.

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