zLabels: Zalando’s Private Labels Going to Get a Push

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Zalando registered the tradmark for zLabels, the company’s umbrella term and brand for its private labels. (via, German)

Zalando about zLabels:

zLabels creates successful, contemporary fashion brands. Our products are sold exclusively online in 15 European countries, via Zalando and a selection of other digital channels, reaching millions of customers every month. That means we don’t just follow trends – we shape them, too. (…)

We create exciting brands

We set up brands and build collections that meet the taste and style requirements of a whole range of customer groups. Our teams of talented designers create products of the highest quality, produced under strict safety and ethical standards, and always available at the best possible prices.

We move fast

Thanks to our international sourcing network and smooth logistic processes we deliver products to the market and our customers at high speed.

Zalando already operates 16 own brands. zLabels is just the umbrella ‘brand’ above them.

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zLabels is hiring. There are at least 42 job vacancies at the moment at zLabels. This and the new trademark for the zLabels umbrella brand suggest a coming increasing effort in pushing Zalando’s private labels forward.

Given the ever increasing rich data Zalando can continuously gather about the European fashion markets, it makes sense to leverage this for such vertical businesses. Those do not only have larger margins. They are also important strategically. As long as Zara and H&M are going to resist Zalando’s lure, there is going to be, for example, an empty space to fill in the Zalando shop(s) for inexpensive fast fashion items at scale. Why, then, not do it yourself?

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