How Zalando is Building its Social Commerce App Fleek

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Carsten Ernst, product manager / product specialist for Fleek at Zalando, writes at the Zalando tech blog about how they are building Fleek. Zalando has yet to offically announce and publicly talk about Fleek. So as odd as it may be, but besides the change notes in the app store and the capital markets day this is the first time someone from Zalando is talking about anything related to Fleek in an official manner.

Here is the one sentence intro / elevator pitch:

fleek is a fashion e-commerce app that connects mobile-savvy consumers with brands, retailers, and influencers.


The fleek app has four Delivery Teams situated at ourHelsinki Tech Hub, while the Product side is Berlin-based.

Dividing work amongst different locations works smoothly if everyone understands the purpose of fleek and where the product has to go. That’s part of our job as the Product Team. If this is clear to everyone, developers can focus on the “how” of product implementation. That’s where Radical Agility and autonomy comes in. Developers have the freedom to choose whatever technology they find appropriate. Product Management, on the other hand, has the freedom to dig deeper into the “what”. During the early phase of fleek, we were able to spend most of our time on user research topics like ideation and prototyping to quickly find and validate ideas. This was followed by plenty of agile user testing for a better user experience. We were doing everything we could to find the solutions that fix real customer problems. Now that we have release the first version of fleek, we can iterate in order to get it right. This approach wouldn’t have been possible in the pre-Radical-Agility era.

Besides working out the current platform strategy (and growing as a company in general), Zalando also last year reorganized itself for greater team autonomy and agility.

It is of course close to impossible to assess from the outside how well that reorganization went. One positive sign though is how fast for example the main app got a revamp.

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