Is Zalando’s ZipCart Going to be the “Delivery Hero” of Fashion?


ZipCart is Zalando’s same-day delivery app. In German metropolitan areas where ZipCart is available ordered items can sometimes be delivered within three hours and less. (The current “speed record” is 32 minutes, apparently.) The first experiment with a retailer launched a few months ago. Reuters back in March:

Christoph Lange, vice president of Brand Solutions, said at an event at Zalando’s Berlin headquarters on Friday that the company had launched a pilot project to deliver directly from fashion store Bodycheck in the city’s Alexa shopping mall to customers the same day.

Now, Zalando connected the second local store to ZipCart. This time, it is a store in Berlin by Adidas. (German announcement)

This hints at what ZipCart may become: A marketplace offering local fashion. It may be about local fashion one can’t find anywhere else online easily, and with fast same-day delivery to boot. This would explain the separate app. Getting local retailers onboard is easier when they know they won’t have to compete directly with all of Zalando’s own inventory.

In this way, Adidas is more like a seal of approval for ZipCart. Bringing in Adidas and other big brands and their local stores is a networked logistics play. But strategically, local niches combined with those big brands in one app is a far more interesting proposition.

ZipCart’s fast delivery promise, then, becomes a promise to retailers thinking about getting on board with ZipCart: Within this app environment you are only going to compete, more or less, with those you are competing with locally already anyway. (This way, ZipCart becomes a different proposition than Zalando’s other mobile marketplaces, Fleek (social, brand oriented) and Movmnt (outlet, price conscious customers).)

Though, obviously this promise would not be entirely true, (not even close, actually) what counts is that it would help convince smaller local fashion retailers to get on ZipCart.

In a way, ZipCart, then, becomes the fashion equivalent to Delivery Hero and other restaurant meal delivery services:

  • Wildly different offerings depending on where the customers are ordering from
  • end-consumer: App is an aggregator for item discovery, ordering and delivery
  • businesses: ZipCart is managing the front-end (app), the ordering process, payments and delivery for the local businesses

I am still not entirely convinced that Zipcart needs to be a dedicated app and that this may work out the way I described it. But the way I described it, the strategy, at least on the supplier side, would make a lot of sense.

Zalando cooperates with Liefery for same-day delivery via ZipCart.

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