What Rakuten Could Gain by Investing in Fintech

With the banking side of Rakuten’s platform growing, it makes sense for Rakuten Ventures to invest in financial technology (fintech) startups. For that, Rakuten Ventures launched a $100 million global fund for fintech startups in Q4 of last year.

That is pretty far removed from online retail. But payment is an important part in onboarding with every platform. (That is, for example, one reason why iOS has larger revenues per app than Android, and also why Amazon still has a shot of getting its foot in Android’s door. Amazon has banking informations the company can use, same as Apple already did than the app store launched.)

Rakuten is a strong platform in Japan, but not so internationally. Maybe a breakout hit or two in fintech under Rakuten’s belt could help with that.

CB Insights has an overview on fintech investments by Rakuten Ventures:

Rakuten is also among the most active Asian tech corporates and are likely to become even more active with the announcement of their new fintech-focused fund.

Their investments span bitcoin companies like Bitnet, payments startups likeCurrency Cloud, and remittance technology services like Azimo, among others.

The graphic below includes both Rakuten and Rakuten Ventures investments, and excludes Rakuten acquisitions.

Rakuten Fintech

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