First Impressions From Zalando’s First Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter by Zalando

This weekend Zalando holds the first iteration of its new yearly fashion event Bread and Butter. From a, admittedly, first gut feeling, this now mainly end-consumer facing fashion event seems to be almost as much about music as it is about fashion. Bread & Butter was more of a trade show before Zalando bought the struggling event a year ago. It feels more like a lifestyle event with a fashion focus than a fashion event, if that makes sense. The event’s slogan fits: “The trendshow for everyone”

Bread and Butter by Zalando

Again, just a gut feeling, but it looks like Zalando managed to attract a lot of fashion ‘influencers’. (fashion bloggers, Instagramers etc.)

Bread and Butter by Zalando

As far as I can see, there is no experimentation going on to bring online and offline together or to, for example, get a sense of how location-based services on smartphones could help a large event. In fact, if you didn’t know beforehand that this is a Zalando event, you couldn’t guess that by attending.

Bread and Butter by Zalando

Given all this, it’s a puzzle to me what exactly Bread & Butter means to Zalando. This feels right now more like a nice-to-have rather than something strategically significant. (Even though the event looks like it will be a success on its own.) It certainly helps the Zalando brand to establish itself further at the center of the fashion industry. (and to get cozy with social media influencers; helpful for Fleek et al) But the potential for events is larger than that.

One question for the next year(s) is, how far Zalando is willing to go with events. Both yearly large fashion events in every large market Zalando operates in and/or smaller and larger road shows in a pop up store fashion could make sense.


One last note: All but the last picture were taken about 30 minutes after the doors opened. The venue got more crowded very soon. Bread & Butter doesn’t seem to be lacking audience in 2016, just a visionary connection to Zalando itself.

Have a look at the schedule to get a sense of the Bread & Butter program and the event’s nature.

Update: Zalando uses QR codes. Draw your own conclusions.


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