What Asos is Doing Technologically and in Mobile

At its first capital markets day in quite some time, UK-based online fashion retailer Asos gave some insights into the company’s recent iniciatives and strategy a few weeks ago:


Asos is a successful online retailer but technology-wise, the company is more of a follower than a leader.

Asos’ ‘new digital platform’ is based on microservices in the cloud (here: Microsoft Azure) and agile development by autonomously working teams:


Asos is also working on a new retail system:


Compared to Zalando (Fleek (our coverage), Movmnt (our coverage), etc.), Asos’ mobile strategy is not as elaborate (yet?):

Asos Apps

Asos Mobile

As always, Asos keeps concentrating solely on users under 30. Asos also keeps investing into its organic growth. So, though big already, Asos most likely will not grow into one of the players shaping the online market.

Still, Asos remains an interesting player. At least until a pure mobile fashion player will cause the company serious problems.

Asos’ capital markets day is available as a webcast here. And here is the presentation (PDF).

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