Collabary: Zalando Turns its Connections With Influencers Into a Platform for Brands


Zalando launches Collabary in Beta. As part of Zalando’s Media Solutions (“We connect brands to consumers”), Collabary is meant to bring content creators (‘influencers’) and brands together.

We put you in control of your campaign’s performance, with data that really means something to you all stored in one place.

We’re home to many of the most inspiring and engaging voices on social media – creating a fabulously diverse new way for you to find a unique collaboration.


Zalando already works with fashion influencers; for example for its Fleek collections and styles.

In a way, Zalando is turning these connections into a two-sided market, a ‘platform’. And in the process, Zalando makes its Media Solutions a stronger offering for brands.

Information about Collabary is very sparse at this point. The FAQ helps illuminate how the service works:

For content creators:

How do I get started?

If you’re a social media content creator then you can sign up here for free. All you have to do is fill out your details, upload cover and profile images and tell us what topics interest you and what brands suit your style. Our expert team will then review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. (…)

Do I have to sign an exclusive contract with Collabary?

No, you’re absolutely free to work with anyone you like. And if you already work with a talent management agency feel free to put them in touch with us at and we’ll find an arrangement that works for everyone.

Is my Collabary profile public?

No, only the brands signed up to Collabary will be able to view your profile. (…)

How do I get involved in campaigns?

Once a brand decides they’d like to work with you they’ll get in touch by email. And remember, you’re free to approach the brands you’ve selected with your own ideas for campaigns. (…)

How do the campaigns work?

Once you and the brand have agreed terms and you’ve accepted their offer via the tool, you’re free to start creating content for them. Then, once you’ve uploaded everything to your social media accounts remember to share the URLs in our ‘Campaigns’ section. (…)

For brands:

Do we have to pay to use Collabary?

Our beta platform is free to use and, when the beta phase finishes, we’ll be in touch to work out a pricing model that suits your business. (…)

What is Collabary Beta?

To ensure all the content creators and brands using Collabary have the best experience possible we’re still working on our beta site to make sure it’s just right before we launch the site fully.

Collabary has a very low tech approach at this point in time.

Collabary also got a blog.

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