How Zalando is Dwarfing Zara’s Success Story

At the two-year anniversary of its IPO, Zalando celebrated by announcing the company plans to quintuple revenue. (German) Zalando, which is currently at €3.7 billion in revenues, plans to reach €20 billion within a few years; which will amount to around five percent of the European market.

Growing by 20 percent annually would bring Zalando towards the €20 billion revenue mark within 10 years.

For comparison, my boss Jochen Krisch charted Zalando’s recent growth and projections against Zara’s first 16 years after IPO. (German)

Zalando vs. Zara

For more context, Amazon has quintupled its revenues for Germany within 7 years. Amazon also managed to grow revenues ten times in Germany over the last 8 years alone. (German)

There is a lot of growth in the European online market.

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