Fulfillment by Zalando Goes Live With First Customer

In todays quarterly report (PDF, German) Zalando provided amongst other things an update to the company’s logistics endeavors. (PDF)

The biggest logistics news: Fulfillment by Zalando has its first external customer:

Zalando Logistics

Announced in March at this year’s capital markets day, Fulfillment by Zalando got tested internally with Zalando’s zlabels and MVMNT. From March:


Fulfillment services by Zalando can’t be ramped up fast enough. Without them, Zalando’s mobile marketplaces Fleek and MOVMNT can not fulfill their potential.

Zalando pointed out the reason in March:

Happy customers receive one single parcel (from multiple brands)

As I wrote:

Zalando’s platform vision is more or less to become an infrastructure provider for the fashion industry.

After the first ‘satellite’ logistics location in Italy, Zalando is opening up the second ‘satellite’ in Paris in the first quarter of 2017. Besides that, Zalando is building a logistics hub in Poland that will start operations in the second half of 2017.

Like Etsy, Zalando’s marketplaces are centered around services. But of course Fulfillment by Zalando is not just in name directly inspired by Amazon.

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