Zalando’s First Bread & Butter Had 20k Visitors, But Half of Them Were From Berlin

Zalando’s first Bread & Butter event was a mixed bag. This is represented in the numbers Zalando published this week (PDF):

zalando bread and butter.png

20.000 visitors for a ‘sold-out’ event is pretty good. Especially for a company doing an event at that scale for the first time. On the other hand, half of those visitors came from the city the event was held in. Bread & Butter was supposed to be if not an international event then at least a nation-wide one. Interestingly then, that almost one third of the attendees came frome outside the DACH region.

I wrote about the first Bread & Butter under Zalando:

Given all this, it’s a puzzle to me what exactly Bread & Butter means to Zalando. This feels right now more like a nice-to-have rather than something strategically significant. (Even though the event looks like it will be a success on its own.) It certainly helps the Zalando brand to establish itself further at the center of the fashion industry. (and to get cozy with social media influencers; helpful for Fleek et al) But the potential for events is larger than that.

One question for the next year(s) is, how far Zalando is willing to go with events. Both yearly large fashion events in every large market Zalando operates in and/or smaller and larger road shows in a pop up store fashion could make sense.

bread and butter 16.png

There are many things that could be done to make events a cornerstone of the overall strategy. For starters:

Giving people the ability to connect to and communicate with friends and connect with new acquaintances (and follow other entities (brands, organizer, influencers))1 should be the stepping stone to the next level:

  • Maybe satellite events around the main yearly event.
  • Maybe smaller regional events around the year.
  • Maybe even small self-organized events (brand sponsored & P2P, or set up by local brands etc.)
  • Maybe collaboration with existing events (With Bread and Butters current focus, music festivals would be obvious candidates for Zalando, for example.)

Once an events app is set up for integrating ticket solutions, community aspects and interactions with products/brands and options for buying items, those named above and other options present themselves easily.

It will be fascinating to watch what Zalando will do next with Bread & Butter.

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