Amazon Dominates Almost Every Metric for the US E-Commerce Market

Amazon is dominating the US market. That is nothing new. With 55 percent of US online shoppers starting at Amazon and Silicon Valley VCs being afraid to go against Amazon, this situation is only going to get worse. The amount to which this is the case is still pretty remarkable (and troubling for the industry.)

That is why companies like Wish or Dollar Shave Club are very important.


Verto Analytics just released data comparing the top 15 retailers based on the online activities of 20,000 U.S. consumers during October 2016. The stats in the chart below also reveal market numbers for mobile and desktop audiences, which both show Amazon in the No. 1 position.


With on average 1:42 hours spent per user per month, Amazon is far above almost everyone else. (Except for Craigslist, the US outlier, and eBay which comes close.)

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  1. […] Amazon Dominates Almost Every Metric for the US E-Commerce Market ​ […]


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