Everything the Internet Did to Media Will Happen to Retail

Benedict Evans, analyst at the VC firm a16z, has published a presentation that looks at the current state of the technology world. (with a rather western point of view; numbers are for the US)

With 2.5bn smartphones in use, Evans thinks about what comes next. Besides the obvious -more machine learning-, he sees retail and cars as two industries ripe for fundamental change. (Being a VC analyst, he is miraculously looking at two big industries with a lot of potential each. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I happen to agree with him on both industries.)


Some of those new aggregators are already here: The marketplaces from Amazon to Alibaba and new entrants like Zalando are online retail’s aggregators. At least, they are the first ones. (..after Google, but that is ancient history now.)

Here is the reason why Amazon should still re-invest all its profits:

amazon vs us retail.png

retail s-curves.png

Evans incapsulates his “we don’t have Facebook or Buzzfeed for e-commerce yet” perfectly on slide 50 with this sentence:

The internet let’s you buy, but it doesn’t let you shop.


Everyone should at least have a quick look at this presentation to get a sense of today’s broader technology context. It’s a compact overview.

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