Apple Store Creator Ron Johnson on His Plans With Enjoy

Enjoy, “reinventing the way people buy the world’s best technology products”, is one of those retail startups that is hard to truly pin down; this one can go either way.

Enjoy founder and CEO Ron Johnson, best known for building up the Apple Store business, gave an interview at this year’s Shoptalk conference on what Enjoy wants to be and where they want to go:

In this interview he talks about the very service oriented business Enjoy is building. He compares his “personal commerce” company to the precise/personalised service of Uber.

Enjoy is now available in 8 US cities and wants to break even next year.

After a first round in 2014 for $30 million, Enjoy had a $50 million funding round led by Highland Capital in the summer of 2015. Among the investors are Andreessen Horowitz and KPCB.

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