The Online Retailers Who Lost and Won at the Stock Market in 2016

For the GLORE Global Online Retail Fund, we track not only the business fundamentals of the most promising online retailers world wide but also the company valuations at the stock market.

Even though the market as a whole is growing and single companies had revenues growing by up to 40% it was not a particularly great year for online retailers at the stock market:

global online retail stock 2016.png

Of all the companies in the Glore fund, Boohoo had the best year with an increase of +265%.

Online retailers at the stock market

Amazon, coming from a rather high plus of +117% last year, managed only to get onto position 8 in the 2016 GLORE25 ranking with an increase of +11%.

Asos, (after Boohoo another) British online fashion retailer, is up there the second year in a row with this year’s increase at +44%.

It is remarkable how, for example, Alibaba (+8%) and Zalando (0%) have little to no growth valuation wise while growing in scale and building out promising strategies.

Let’s see what 2017 has in store.

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