The First Signs of Zalando’s Huge Video Ambitions Are Here


Update:Vizions: Zalando Announces Platform Conference” /Update

Zalando’s next big topic may be tackling video for the online fashion industry. The installed base of devices -Apple TVs, Fire TVs and, yes, tablets and smartphones- is certainly ready.

And Zalando seems to be ready as well.

In October ’16, The Information (paywall) wrote about a big hire:

One of Jeff Bezos’ top lieutenants at, Jeff Blackburn, is now directly overseeing Amazon’s video division, following the abrupt departure last month of a senior executive there.

Jim Freeman, a longtime Amazon executive who’d been vice president of video since early 2015 and was considered the chief engineering architect of the platform, left for German retailer Zalando last month.

Freeman was more involved with the technology side:

Mr. Freeman wasn’t directly involved in dealings with media companies, media executives said, although Amazon Video’s most prominent entertainment executive, Amazon Studios VP Roy Price, reported to him. Mr. Freeman was based in Seattle and was a manager and later director of software development for Amazon Video before becoming a VP of technology, product and design of the unit, according to his LinkedIn page. He became VP of Amazon Video at the start of 2015 after its previous chief, Bill Carr left.  The fact that Mr. Freeman had a senior role at the video division despite not having a history in the media industry is typical of how Amazon has approached its content initiatives, two media executives say.

This makes sense for a Zalando hire. Zalando doesn’t need someone who knows how to negotiate for licenses of movies and TV shows. The company needs someone who knows how to build the infrastructure to stream video.

In December, Zalando registered a new trademark that very much hints at video: Vizions by Zalando. (via)

Last March, almost a year ago, Nuzhat Naweed, Head of Mobile Product and Engineering at Zalando, wrote about Zalando and TV:

We believe that shopping through your TV may soon become the norm, but the gravity of mobile’s effect on the market shouldn’t be sidestepped just yet.

What might Zalando do in video?

Think Twitch, but for fashion. Think Youtube stars and social shopping marketplaces like Fleek. Think content for brands and media partners. Think communities. Think ‘Zalando for (Apple/Fire) TV’.

Amazon is running its daily live fashion show “Style Code Live” for almost a year now.

Something similar might make sense for Zalando as well.

Twitch, Amazon’s (live-)streaming platform that started out as a platform for gamers, some time ago opened up for creatives to come on board.

One last thing: Remember those 1,000 engineers Zalando is about to hire in the near future? Yeah.

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  2. Freddie Hg · ·

    Looks like Jim Freeman left in 7 months and went back to Amazon? Any news on that?


    1. I don’t see any indication that has happened. Can you tell me why you think / how you know that?

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