Zalando, Mobile Company

Zalando is a mobile company, if anyone was still wondering.

From the earnings call presentation (PDF):

Zalando mobile 2016.png

Zalando’s mobile share has now reached 68.1%, making its mobile apps far more important than the desktop website(s). All of Zalando’s apps have now cumulatively reached 28 million downloads.

Don’t forget: Mobile order share is already at >50%.

Numbers Zalando is actively and successfully working on to increase further. (See here for more on Zalando’s approach for this.)

Given all this, it makes one wonder how long it will take Zalando to finally ‘officially’ ‘launch’ its new mobile apps from Fleek to Movmnt. All of them, some already at version 2.x , are a year old by now but never get mentioned anywhere.

Zalando will have to provide an update on this at the company’s next Capital Market Day, at the latest.

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  1. […] This week, Zalando is unveiling the company’s next platform move; and this one’s going right into the heart of the business. (Mobile order share is already above 50 percent.) […]


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