‘AmazonFresh Pickup’ is the Tech Giant’s next Fulfillment Center Concept

GeekWire uncovered the ‘AmazonFresh Pickup’ concept:


New permit documents reveal “AmazonFresh Pickup” as the planned concept for the next phase in the online giant’s physical retail initiatives, amid new clues that the first drive-up grocery locations could open in Seattle soon. […]

According to the permit filings, Amazon last week got the go-ahead from the city of Seattle to install signs reading “AmazonFresh Pickup” for stores in Seattle’s Ballard and SoDo neighborhoods. Windows at the entrance will be imprinted with greetings to each neighborhood, for example, “HELLO BALLARD,” and “HELLO, SODO.”

The filings show signs on the exterior walls with messages like “Shop online. Pick up here,” and “Relax while we load your groceries,” along the exterior.

One could call this a “physical retail concept”, like Geekwire does, but it seems to be more appropriate to call this a concept for what a fulfillment center for Amazon Fresh could look like.

It is basically a Rorschach test.

Geekwire has a picture up of the workers at the Ballard AmazonFresh Pickup site test where the orders will get picked up. (See also here) Yes, customers may go there to get their Fresh orders. But really, this looks not much like a place intended for end consumers. (Maybe it gets decorated before launch?)


Permitting information uncovered last year said hours of operation are expected to be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. At peak time, there will be approximately 15 employees working on site, and three to five people will be dedicated to bringing orders out to parked cars. About a quarter of all trips are expected to occur between 5 and 7:30 p.m. The average wait time is expected to be about five minutes.

We recently looked closer at the potential future of Amazon Go, which is worth pointing out again:

 Think of Amazon Go not as the evolution of grocery stores but as the evolution of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Once one looks at Amazon Go through these glasses the whole thing changes significantly. […]

If Amazon Go is like an Amazon warehouse opening up to the ‘public’, it may (to be sure: it will) be frequented by customers and by Flex workers. […]

But once one starts thinking about this a bit longer it becomes clear fast that it is more likely that Amazon Go locations will in due time be frequented by far more Flex workers than customers. It will be more likely to have a split of say 95+% Flex workers and the rest consisting of customers, than the other way around.

Even if this is to 100% (doubt it) about end consumers picking up their orders: A pure pickup location for online orders is still not a “physical retail” concept. It’s a pickup concept for online retail.

Fun times ahead.

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  1. […] ‘AmazonFresh Pickup’ is the Tech Giant’s next Fulfillment Center Concept […]


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