These Are the 15 Startups from Shoptalk 2017

A large international e-commerce conference such as Shoptalk is not just an opportunity for big (online) retailers and investors to showcase their strategies and initiatives. It is also a great way for startups to (hopefully) break through in the industry.

The following list of startups that pitched at Shoptalk’s Pitch Contest is a textbook example for a mixed bag.

Fung Global Retail & Technology:

The 15 companies that participated were: AdeptMind, Busker, Commerce.AI, DropSpot, Everywear,, Fract, Hanger, Myagi, Obsess, QueueHop, Returnly, ShopperKit, TigerTrade and Ziel. Each company fits into at least one of the four areas of opportunity for retailers outlined above.


As we mentioned briefly before, Returnly won:

Turn Returns Into Repurchases

Let your customers return products online and buy again with Instant Refunds™ even before shipping their items back. […]

Eligible customers can buy again with Returnly Instant Refunds™ even before returning their items. Gone are the days of stressful refund wait-times and low repurchase conversions. […]

Returnly guarantees all purchases and settles directly real-time with merchants. We take on 100% of the return and customer risk so you get better returns.


Returnly integrates with Shopify, Magento, Salesforce’s commerce cloud, spree commerce and Woo Commerce.


AI-Based Suggestions and Search

Now for one of the weirder ones. The only public signs that this startup even exists are the pitch at Shoptalk, two job ads for data entry, two employees at LinkedIn and this beauty of a company website. But AI, I guess?

We are building artificial intelligence to power next generation commerce. A new era of computing is beginning. Systems that were programmed in the past will be replaced by self-learning systems. […]

We previously founded a commerce tech startup that got acquired as part of $340M deal.


Busker is a platform to broadcast live and engage with viewers.

Anyone can showcase a talent, share a passion or discuss a product they love. The audience can join in and post comments and questions, support a host or even buy a product straight from the video.

Mashable about Busker:

These apps are betting that commerce can be the feature that will differentiate their platforms from bigger competitors and attract up-and-coming musicians and comedians who will find an audience.

“We thought it was important and unique for the broadcaster. We heard them say, ‘I’m not here to beg for money, but hey, I need to make a living,'” Tamir Buchler, chief operating officer of Busker, told Mashable


DropSpot lets you receive your packages at neighborhood stores, “drop spots” close to your home or work, using an app. Get notified when your UPS, Fedex and USPS packages are delivered to your DropSpot and pick up when it’s convenient for you.

We’re leveraging music in a fundamentally new way for businesses – we handle the technology​ and ​​the licensing, ​then package it all up in a beautiful, integrated experience that increases engagement, loyalty, and conversion.

Feed Media was founded by the team that created and includes Chairman Mika Salmi, former President of MTV, along with advisors from executive positions at EA, Billboard, ClearChannel, Disney Interactive, RealNetworks, Netflix, SESAC,, ngmoco/DeNA and GameStop Digital Ventures.


We predict and help businesses to maximize their potential based on the tiny patterns found inside the data. We believe in continuous data analysis and uncovering patterns to make use of the infinite amounts of data that increases every single hour, of every single day. […]

We can help your business whether it’s mobile, brick or field. Your data will be different and business insights will vary, but the process stays the same.


Everywear is the first technology platform to bring editorial authority to e-commerce through personalized recommendations, substantially increasing sales conversion and predicting future purchase behavior.


The first enterprise class software built specifically for in-store grocery fulfillment.


The connection between online and offline retail

CB Insights entry on QueueHop:

QueueHop doubles as a self-checkout and personal shopping assistant. For retailers, it’s a secure omni-channel cashier. It works something like this: A shopper makes a payment on their phone or at one of QueueHop’s self-checkout booths. The RFID security tag on the clothing becomes deactivated and can be removed at one of QueueHop’s security booths.


Our mission is to replace today’s utilitarian and generic e-commerce user interfaces with discovery-based, custom, immersive shopping experiences using Virtual Reality as the medium.


Myagi is the best way to make sure your frontline sales and service staff have the skills, knowledge, confidence and context to deliver unforgettable customer experiences every time.

Myagi is used by adidas, asics and others.


TigerTrade is the Largest Wholesale Marketplace for Buying and Selling Excess Inventory

Hanger (formerly Garbshare):

Create outfits for yourself & friends with real clothes from any of your connected closets.


We make every piece of apparel to order. We do this because we only want to make what people actually want to have. In the apparel industry as a whole there is a 40% mismatch between what is made and what is sold. These unwanted garments have a huge impact on the planet. Imagine the energy and resources used to make and distribute the apparel, and the landfills and incinerators that unworn apparel ends up in. By going on-demand we prevent this ecological impact. We are also free to change collections at any time, meaning frequent, fresh designs for our customers and brands.

See also this (alas, link-less) overview of five of the startups and their teams at Fung Global Retail & Technology.

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