The Amazon Marketplace Juggernaut in Context


Some interesting numbers from Amazon at Shoptalk17 (see also ” Amazon Presents Itself as Brands’ Best Friend at #Shoptalk17“):

  • Amazon connects with 300 million customers worldwide. (via)
  • On Amazon Marketplace, there are 100,000 sellers with more than $100,000 in annual revenue creating in aggregate more than 600,000 jobs. (via)
  • 55%(!) of customers start product search on Amazon. (via)
  • Last not least, 50% of all items at Amazon are sold through the Marketplace. (via)

Amazon is a marketplace and a shopping search engine. Especially the growing power in search can hardly be overstated.

Would you freak out if Google would own the largest marketplace in your market? If so, look again at the above numbers and connect the dots.

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