The Wave of Retail Disruption, as Seen at Shoptalk 2017

Vishal Gurbuxani published a great overview of Shoptalk 2017 on Medium, with a lot of notes and screenshots of slides from the conference:

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is critical for success
-Every company needs to hire a data science team and start collecting data now
-You can’t just throw machine learning without data. You need to figure out what you’re data model looks like and the ‘raw’ data you’ll be collecting NOW, in order to win with AI (…)

Rapid Content Creation is one way to win with commerce
-Pepsi was built on the 30-second video commercial. They now build 400 content pieces/week
-Retailers have to figure out how to live in the 5-screen world and have a unified mission driven content strategy that takes uses the medium to push out the right format for the conversation
-You have just 3-seconds to win with a consumer. If you can’t get your message across in 3-seconds, you’re wasting money with advertising (…)

Retail is following the path of Media
-You need to have a strong media (marketing/ad/sales) background to win on the new disruptive retail experience
-Companies like MikMak are building a highly curated experience focused on influencers, product metadata and a very seamless user experience
-Consumers have ~250 daily moments, only 3% of those moments are spent on retail. How are you going to use those moments?
-Don’t waste money on PR, focus on Performance Driven Marketing Objectives.

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