Impressions From the First Amazon Fresh Pickup in Seattle

The first Amazon Fresh Pickups have been unveiled in Seattle. We took a closer look at them.

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Located in the Ballard quarter, the Amazon Fresh depot was built specifically for Amazon (no retrofitting, yet) and is approximately 90 minutes by foot to the north of Amazon headquarters and Amazon Go at the much used 15th Avenue.

It’s a typical shopping quarter, with a Safeway, Walgreens, Trade Joe’s and other stores nearby. There are, fittingly, a lot of fast food drive-thrus nearby as well; like this container Starbucks for example.

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Amazon Fresh Pickup can easily be spotted from every direction, thanks to large information signs. Here is the view in driving direction on the exit:

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Curiously, the entrance and the nine parking bays are placed opposite to the driving direction, making customers and other people picking up orders drive in a loop to get in:

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Amazon Fresh Pickup

On one side, there is a loading ramp with its entry hidden behind the parking bays:

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Amazon Fresh Pickup

For the sake of completeness, here’s the back view from both sides:

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Even though there’s little to nothing going on right now in the beta phase, a friendly Amazon employee in a green Amazon Fresh apron is holding the fort at the entry at all times:

Amazon Fresh Pickup

More pictures of the entrance area, where one can get one’s orders by foot as well, can be found at Geekwire:

Amazon Fresh Pickup

The second Amazon Fresh Pickup at the Starbucks Center is far bigger. It is located at the former Sears shipping center.

More on that location in the next entry to our little Seattle tour.

By Jochen Krisch and Marcel Weiß

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