Is Wish Trying its Hand at Social Shopping?

Mobile shopping startup Wish is well known for its agressive discount campaigns to lure people in. (Recently, for example, more and more of the cheapest products have become “free” on Wish. Making only money through shipping fees.) Interestingly (maybe), Wish recently started pushing a very rudimentary version of group buying:

Wish shopping

It’s the German version of Wish. It reads: “Buy with other shoppers” at the top of the first screenshot. In the blue rectangles it reads “buy with [name of some other Wish user wanting to buy the same item]”

It is weird, grotesque one might even say, that Wish is ‘connecting’ total strangers this way. It looks like just another discount method creating -in yet another way- a sense of urgency. (You can see the time ticking in the screenshots.) But still, Wish could (and should) do more in this direction. This holds potential.

What are mobile pure players doing that other online retailers don’t? Here’s one small example by Wish. Once the app detects the user made a screenshot, it offers to attach a link to the screenshot:

Wish and Screenshots

The user then can send both together through the OS extensions to messengers like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. This feature takes a common sharing behavior on mobile and makes sure to maximize the possibility for conversion. Smart.

And if you ever wondered how hard life as a strategy analyst in online retail today is, here’s a clue:

Wish notifications

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