Early Moves is Amongst the Top 50 Retail Blogs Worldwide

Recently, Feedspot, a feedreader, published a list of the top 100 retail blogs and websites for retail industry professionals worldwide. The ranking takes Facebook fans, Twitter followers and the Alexa rank into account. Not perfect, but it’s something.

Early Moves, now a little over one and a half years young, made it to the forty-first place.


Early Moves has attracted a core audience of several hundred subscribers, with almost exactly half of you consuming our analysis through the email newsletter we send out every workday and the other half through the RSS feed. (The most popular topics have been read by tens of thousands.) Both, email newsletter and RSS feed, contain the full text of the articles we publish here, for maximum convenience. Some of you follow us via Twitter. And on Facebook, well, Facebook remains a weak spot. But we don’t really care, to be honest. RSS and email are far superior methods to Facebook for consistently staying up to date with publications.

As one would expect given the topics, our audience consists mainly of analysts (of all kinds, literally), venture capitalists, founders and managers working at online retailers around the world.

From time to time, our readers recommend us to others, for which of course we are very grateful. Two public examples: Here is Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing at Euromonitor:


Here is Dave Ambrose, a VC at Steadfast Venture Capital, recommending Early Moves last year:


If you like Early Moves do your colleagues and your company a favor and recommend us. Even when (or especially if) you disagree with some of what we write here. Debate is good!

But we need to debate the important stuff. Online retail has become a large global industry over the last couple of years. And it is still growing at a neck-breaking pace. At the same time our business is strangely void1 of smart, dedicated publications following the strategies of online retailers and separating the things that truly matter from the bozoness.

While online retail in aggregate is gaining tremendous power, too many within the industry are occupied with a ‘best practices’ approach that at best is backwards looking most of the times while focusing on the smallest possible screws.

So, besides Early Moves, please recommend and spread the word about smart online retail publications if you come across some. God knows, we need ’em.

While we are at it. Let us know in the comments about publications you are reading which are similar to Early Moves in topics and approach!

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  1. As part of my job I follow a lot of publications and thus see a lot of nonsense, so you don’t have to. 
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