What Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report Has to Say About Online Retail

KPCB‘s Mary Meeker released her yearly internet trends report at the currently ongoing Code conference.

Here is the full presentation:

Out of those 355 (!) slides, we picked the relevant ones for online retailers and everyone interested in e-commerce.

In General

Mobile, mobile, mobile is additive to desktop:


Pinterest is growing rapidly and is successful in turning browsing into buying:


Estimated growth of the Amazon Echo/Alexa platform:



Parcel growth in the US is accelerating:

2017 06 01 um 12 43 43

How Instacart is changing grocery shopping behavior on its service:


Historical context for the current US retail meltdown:

2017 06 01 um 12 48 53

Amazon’s private labels are gaining significant marketshare in the US:

2017 06 01 um 12 50 03

E-commerce is growing at a faster rate again in the US, above 15% year over year now..:

2017 06 01 um 12 50 57


Smartphone users in China are now at 700 million:


..and they are spending a faster growing amount of time on mobile:


We recently talked about how WeChat will become the main competitor to Alibaba, pushing JD.com to no. 3, and this chart illustrates the reason for this very well:


Related to this, it looks like WeChat Pay is already even closer to dethroning AliPay from the marketleader position than previously expected:



Given the growth rate at WeChat Pay it looks like this will happen already until the end of this year.

E-commerce in China is growing very strong:


The ecommerce percentage of total retail sales in China is growing faster than in any other country (unsurprisingly, given the existing infrastructure and vast rural regions):


Alibaba in a nutshell:


JD.com’s extensive investments in logistics are paying off. Impressively fast delivery times for such a large market (geographically):



Amazon in India:


India is even more purely a mobile-only nation than China:


Paytm, Alibaba’s India play, is constantly growing


VC investments into the Indian market, pushing the country to online (unaccounted here for of course, but playing massively into this too: Amazon’s large investments into Amazon India):


Challenging logistics infrastructure in India:


More on this topic:

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