The Fundamental Difference Between Amazon Prime Wardrobe & Zalando’s “Only Pay What You Keep”

The Fundamental Difference Between Amazon Prime Wardrobe & Zalando's "Only Pay What You Keep"

It is illuminating to compare Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe to Zalando’s “only pay what you keep”.

Prime Wardrobe is, one might have guessed, for Prime members only, as so many things these days with Amazon.


First you pick at least three items, and up to 15, from more than a million Amazon Fashion options, including clothes, shoes and accessories for kids and adults, to fill your Prime Wardrobe box with no upfront cost. Brands available include Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Adidas, Theory, Timex, Lacoste and more.

Once the Amazon Prime Wardrobe box arrives, you can try on the clothes for up to seven days. Then you either schedule a free pick-up or drop the resealable box with its pre-paid shipping label at a nearby UPS to return whatever you don’t want. Keep three or four items from the box and get 10 percent off everything, or keep five or more for 20 percent off. You only pay for what you keep, with no charge upfront. Amazon Prime Wardrobe is free for Prime members with no extra fees.

While Zalando’s approach for the similar user behavior will be costly (and could become dangerously costly) it is also enticing to new customers. With Amazon, it’s ‘just another Prime perk’™. Both reasonable approaches, but fundamentally different in what kind of customers they are trageted towards.

This begs two questions:

  1. How is Amazon planning on getting new customers to buy fashion at Amazon?
  2. How is Zalando planning on making its customers to come back more regularly?

Amazon’s approach of discounting items if one keeps a certain amount is an interesting way of enticing customers to decrease returns. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this coming to Zalando and others as well in the near future.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is currently in Beta.

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