Analysis: Amazon Fresh Meal-Kits From Amazon, in Addition to “Featured Brands”

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And just like that, the first meal-kits are available at Amazon. At first, meal-kits are a part of Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh is cooperating with Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers to offer meal-kits in addition to offering meal-kits of its own. The latter being the news here.

Business Insider:

Amazon’s new meal kits are already being sold to select customers on Amazon’s US website.

The meal kits, which aren’t yet available in the UK, contain all the ingredients required to cook a selection of meals chosen by the customer.

After the various subscriptions have been paid for, the Amazon Meal Kits work out at between $8 (£6) and $10 (£7) per serving. […]

One Amazon Fresh customer named Josh Chadd told GeekWire that he started to see the Amazon Meal kits appear online around a week or two ago, while user reviews suggest that the Meal Kits have been available since late June. Chadd reportedly said that the Amazon Meal Kits are slightly smaller than recipe boxes offered by other companies he’s tried and that everything was fairly easy to recycle, with the exception of a couple of plastic bags.

Marley Spoon at Amazon Fresh:
Marley Spoon at Amazon Fresh.png

What immediately becomes obvious when looking at the Amazon Fresh meal-kits site, are two things:

  1. Amazon Fresh already offers a wide variety of meal-kits.
  2. The price per serving is not lower than at Blue Apron et al. Prices seem to start at $8 per serving with Amazon’s meal-kits. (Partners offer meal-kits at higher prices.)

And we are only talking about Amazon’s own meal-kits here. Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers get their own sub-sites.

Tyson Tastemakers at Amazon Fresh:
Tyson Tastemaker at Amazon Fresh.png

Those cooperations are nothing new: We wrote about Tyson Tastemakers, Tyson Foods’ meal-kit service, being available at Amazon Fresh in December ’16. New are Amazon’s own meal-kit additions, though.

All in all, Amazon is gunning for a wide variety of meals and seems to be counting on user reviews for filtering etc.

This field report at Geekwire from a customer suggests Amazon going at further in preparing the ingredients:

“The steak was an 8-oz. serving packaged by Corfini and was at least of USDA choice quality,” Chadd told GeekWire. “It was not an odd or awkward cut which is often the case with other services. The peas were very fresh with no blotches and tasted very sweet. The onion came pre-diced. It also came with fresh green peppercorns which I’ve never seen in another service even with a similarly named recipe. Overall the finished meal was a 9 out of 10 for any meal I’ve made at home even with my own ingredients.”

In Germany, Amazon Prime Now is cooperating for a while now with Kochhaus, a small brick-and-mortar retailer specializing in meal-kits which is also doing deliveries.

As we have said before: Amazon’s entry is a big problem for Blue Apron which business is US-only and a possible dealbreaker for HelloFresh’s IPO, which is no. 2 in the US but more internationally positioned.

Amazon will help make meal-kits go more mainstream. But for that, they first have to take the meal-kits out of Amazon Fresh.

But as is it stands right now, meal-kits within Amazon Fresh, which is a Prime-only service with another $14.99 per month on top of the Amazon Prime fee, won’t be a big threat to Blue Apron (beyond spooking investors).

Especially given the still rather high prices per serving at Amazon, meal-kits also probably won’t convince anyone to use Amazon Fresh who is not already on board with the idea.

One should suspect though that those price will go down once Whole Foods comes into the picture.

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