Truly Mobile Retail: The Treasure Trucks are Coming

We have been writing extensively (compared to the tiny scope of the project) about Amazon’s Treasure Truck and similar approaches. The reason for this is straight-forward: The Treasure Truck programm shows pretty clearly how different one can think retail in the face of an omnipresent, always on, always connected smartphone.

Now, Amazon is rolling out more Treasure Trucks in US cities.


The company has not yet announced the city lineup for the Treasure Truck’s nationwide launch, but we understand the plan is to send a fleet of trucks to over a couple dozen cities across the U.S, where it will exist as a permanent installation. […]

The goal with Treasure Truck so far has been to bring limited quantity items to customers in a unique format. In the past, this has included local, exclusive, and other in-demand products. For example, Treasure Truck served up deals on discounted GoPro cameras; the top holiday toy from Hatchimals; the new Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child;” Beast Mode-skinned Amazon Echo devices and Beast Mode hats, promoting Ex-Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode apparel store, located in Seattle; and much more.

Geekwire wrote in January about the Treasure Truck patent Amazon filed and got granted:

The patent was issued today, covering the ornamental design for the heavily modified Isuzu cab-over truck. The truck is typically stocked several times a month with one or two types of discounted goodies and makes deliveries to a few locations in the Seattle area.

The Treasure Truck been compared to an ice cream truck for grownups: Amazon app users can get alerts about the deals on their smartphones, but once all the goods are spoken for, that’s it. (Today’s deal, offering two pounds of wild Dungeness crab for $35, is already sold out.) […]

Amazon Treasure Truck Patent

The patent lays out a series of sketches for the truck’s boxy back end, festooned with electronic display strips. The filing also covers the marquee sign on the top of the cab […]

we now know the official inventors of the truck design: Sherman Griffin, Samuel Pike Hall VI and Douglas James Herrington, all based in Seattle. Their patent application was filed on April 17, 2015, two months before the truck was first spotted on city streets.

To learn more about the Treasure Truck and literal mobile retail concepts, read these articles:

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