#NOAH17 Berlin Pitches From Bongour, Joidy, Fliit, Roomle And Others

After the main sessions, many more NOAH17 Berlin startup pitches have now become available online. Here are five (mainly Germany based and focussed) startup highlights from the fields of e-commerce and logistics.

Bongour is an interesting new startup that has yet to launch. Bongour can best be described as a P2P food platform:

Through our platform, amateur cooks and chefs can offer their culinary creations to the community around them, without having to leave their kitchen.

Thanks to Bongour, anyone dreaming to enter the culinary world, can setup and operate a virtual restaurant from home.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for new food/restaurant/catering concepts to evolve on top.

Watch the pitch:

Joidy is gift service prodider:

Fliit is a last mile logistics provider for food. Fliit is a Prime Now partner.

Roomle wants to provide “interior design for everybody”, meaning an interior design app equipped with 3D modeling and augmented reality:

Packator is a new courier service:

You can watch more startup pitches in the Noah YouTube channel.

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