New Zealand Post Tests Its Own Amazon Prime-like Service

NZ Post

Fascinating experiment by the New Zealand Post here.

New Zealand Post is launching a new delivery service offering shoppers two months of unlimited shipping in a trial with The Warehouse.

Shipmate will offer online shoppers in the North Island unlimited delivery of purchases for a one off $12 fee.

The service will be trailed by The Warehouse Group starting on August 14. […]

The Warehouse Group includes, The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationary, Noel Leeming, and Torpedo7.

​This is small potatoes. The test will include only up to 5.000 customers. But a logistics provider acting as an aggregator of sorts makes a lot of sense when it comes to delivery costs.

Why aren’t there more experiments like this to find out how such a service might work out in practice?

The New Zealand Post is also using new electric delivery vehicles.

Logistics is becoming an even bigger topic within online retail as time goes on, because the capacity of today’s (which, frankly, is actually yesteryear’s infrastructure) infrastructure increasingly can’t keep up with the industry’s growing demand.

See also what China Post is building in China with its Ule platform.

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  1. […] New Zealand Post Tests Its Own Amazon Prime-like Service […]


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