How Asos Is Using Data Science and AI to Create a Better Mobile App

How Asos Is Using Data Science and AI to Create a Better Mobile App

Asos is seeing 70 percent of its traffic on mobile and 50 percent of its purchases are happening on mobile. In the UK, Asos‘ home market, the numbers go up to 80% (traffic) and 70% (purchases).

Digiday on Asos in mobile:

Built in-house, the app has 10 million downloads according to the company, and it’s also the focus of the retailer’s latest technology investments, coming from its 900-person tech team, which Asos plans to grow by another 200 next year. The app is home to features like AI-driven product search, mobile payments and a fit analytics function, all meant to put some muscle behind the often finicky mobile shopping experience.

​Asos is using the camera for a visual search feature. (Give me similar products to the one I just showed you.) It’s available in the UK and will be available in the US shortly. Asos ackknowledges that this is just a solution to better handle the meta data challenge (it creates a more efficient way for humans and computers to converse than with written keywords (traditional search)). It does not serve a new use case. (Another search engine is exactly just that. A search for people who know what they are looking for.)


“Personalization and data usage have now moved to a whole different game — this is now data science and artificial intelligence,” said Asos CEO Nick Beighton, on a July call with investors. “So we have had recommendations live on our apps for several years now, which is AI using data to power customer choices. We are now doubling down on that: using data to enhance the customer experience. Every customer to come through the app is getting a better experience next time he or she comes.”

​Asos is also building an answer to the use case question, a ‚virtual assistant‘:

The company’s next big mobile launch is AVA, a virtual assistant on mobile, which will help customers search for products and keep a profile on their demographics, including size and preferences.

​Asos‘s biggest European competitor Zalando is undergoing a significant change in mobile strategy with a new platform approach to its main mobile app.

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