UK-Based Asos Is Killing It in the US

Speaking of Asos, the UK-based online fashion retailer is also showing the US e-commerce sector that you can, in fact, be successful in Amazon county.


It’s been just four years since London-based e-commerce company ASOS launched a fashion site dedicated to U.S. shoppers, but it has already built a U.S. business that does around $240 million in annual sales and still growing north of 50 percent to date this fiscal year.

Now, the 17-year-old fast-fashion business is investing $40 million into a new U.S. warehouse that it hopes will help propel its stateside business to new levels. […]

Currently, 12 percent of its sales come from U.S. shoppers, with New York and Los Angeles as its strongholds; a growing customer base is emerging in and around Austin, Texas, according to Beighton.

(Highlights by me)

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