Cargo Is Selling Products In Uber Cars


One way ride-sharing is changing retail, probably very few did see coming. Cargo is selling products in Uber vehicles. After snacks, now beauty products as well, as Elle reports:

Cargo is a service within a service that allows drivers working for Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Via to offer products for sale. Riders can now snag a Labotica Green Tea Soft Skin Mask to calm breakouts and reduce inflammation when they’re in the back seat of an Uber or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic during their morning commute.

Cargo about itself:

Rideshare changed transit for everyone, everywhere. Cargo is connecting millions of riders with millions of products, everyday.

How it works:

Are you a rideshare driver? Sign up now to start driving with Cargo. We provide the technology and products for free, forever.

We ship Cargo and a monthly supply of products directly to your door. Simply unpack Cargo and you’re ready to go.

Earn up to $1.50 extra per passenger in sales commissions, plus earn weekly/monthly bonuses, referral bonuses, and tips through Cargo’s in-app tipping.

Cargo tracks the inventory and automatically sends resupplies, making the additional mental overhead for drivers as small as possible. There are no additional costs for drivers.

​It is pretty obvious by now that ride-sharing will soon lead to:

  • dedicated (electric) vehicles built for the use case of ride-sharing
  • New retail concepts with mobile at the core of their business model

Both aspects go hand in hand. Dedicated ride-sharing vehicles can better support, for example, single-person transports, last-mile deliveries and/or services like Cargo.

It is not hard to imagine Cargo and similar services as slightly comparable channels to Birchbox and the likes for brands.

Cargo has raised $1.75 million in a seed round in July from, among others, Bleu Capital and Techstars.

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