JD.com Shows Off First Fully Automated Warehouse

JD.com Shows Off First Fully Automated Warehouse

Thanks to its large logistics operation, JD.com is at the forefront when it comes to automation, wether it be drones or robotic warehouses. JD.com simply has a lot to gain, cost and efficiency wise.

Now, JD.com, which is suffering high logistics costs, is presenting the first fully automated warehouse.

Tech in Asia:

The brand-new facility, run by Alibaba arch-rival JD, does the work that would normally be done by 180 human sorters.[…]

This automated test facility in Kunshan, just outside Shanghai, heralds a future where China’s ecommerce industry – set to top US$1.2 trillion in consumer spending this year – will need fewer humans at the logistics level.

“Once packages are taken off trucks at one side of the Kunshan facility, they’re loaded onto a complex network of automated machinery, where fast-moving, automated conveyors zip each box around,” said a JD statement this morning. “Image scanners can check the packages in microseconds, while JD’s smart logistics system calculates where the packages should be dropped off. The packages are grouped by region into large bins, which are picked up by driverless forklifts and brought to the corresponding truck for delivery to the right destination.”

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