Report: Amazon Prime’s US membership at 54 million (half of US households) in 2015

GeekWire: In a report released Monday, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimated Prime members in the United States ended 2015 numbering about 54 million, up 35 percent from the same period in 2014. CIRP also said its research shows that 47 percent of Amazon’s customers are Prime members. This amounts to nearly half of all […]

Amazon Prime Subscriber Growth May Be Slowing

Recode estimates Amazon Prime subscribers to be currently at 66 million: Amazon announced in its earnings release that it added “tens of millions” of new Prime members in 2016. A spokesman confirmed to Recode that these were net additions. That means Amazon added at least 20 million paid members last year, on top of the […]

Walmart Still Doesn’t Understand Amazon Prime, Kills ShippingPass Without Substitute

This is remarkable. Walmart just killed ShippingPass. And instead of replacing it with a true customer loyalty program to counter Amazon Prime the company is just making two-day shipping free of additional fees. It is the exact wrong move to make in the face of the threat called Amazon Prime. Recode: The world’s largest brick-and-mortar […]

From Echo to Prime, How Amazon Incorporated Music Streaming Into Its Bundled Universe

Amazon is launching Amazon Music Unlimited, its new music streaming service, today. (press release) The new service is an expansion of Amazon Prime Music that has been a part of Amazon Prime with 2 million songs. (compared to tens of millions of songs at Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and others) Geekwire on the new music […]

What This Journalist’s Tale of Switching From Amazon Prime to Really Tells Us

A journalist writes at Tech Insider about why he switched from Amazon Prime to How much cheaper is Jet? The upstart beat the giant on 73% of overlapping products, according to a Boomerang Commerce study last fall. Jet discounts increase if you buy related items, as the service determines what products can be shipped […]

What Amazon did Differently With This Year’s Prime Day

Amazon called this year’s Prime Day the “biggest day ever” for the company. Some numbers from the press release, globally: Sold over 2.5x more Amazon Fire TV devices compared to Prime Day last year – Fire TV Stick was the best-selling Amazon device. More than two million toys and more than one million pairs of […]

The Main Reason Amazon is Doing Prime Day

Quartz on last year’s and this year’s Amazon Prime Day: US customers purchased 47,000 TVs, 41,000 pairs of Bose headphones, and 12,000 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey Unrated on Blu-ray. (Good job, America.) “We’ll definitely be doing this again,” Greg Greeley, Amazon’s vice president for Prime said at the time. But another number was much […]

Is Amazon Video, now at 4.26% of U.S. Prime Time Downstream, Growing Fast Enough?

Given that Amazon Video is a big driver of Prime adoption-Jeff Bezos’ “flywheel”-, numbers on the usage of video in general and Amazon Video in particular are an interesting data point in figuring out how Amazon Prime is doing. Peter Kafkat at Recode: No one outside of Amazon knows how many people are streaming video […]

ShippingPass: Does Walmart Stand a Chance with Two-Day Shipping against Amazon Prime?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Wal-Mart building up an infrastructure to compete directly with fast delivery via Amazon Prime: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is testing a two-day shipping subscription service and building a regional delivery network, in the boldest attempt yet by a major traditional retailer to compete head-on with Amazon Prime. As part […]

Why Amazon ‘Unbundles’ Prime and Video: Faster Prime Adoption, Easier TV Expansion

Amazon Prime has become a main driver for Amazon’s business. And a main driver for Amazon Prime adoption is the streaming service Prime Video. I called Prime “a prime bundle” in my analysis last year. In the U.S. Prime adoption is already very far ahead. New data from a survey (6.500 U.S. teenagers) by Piper […]