Author Archives: Marcel Weiß CEO Says AI Will Cut Staff by 1/3, Grow Revenue by 1,000% in 10 Years

That‘s quite the quote from‘s CEO via China Money Network: Chinese e-commerce leader Inc will see revenue expand by 1,000%, while its employee head count will fall by one third over the next ten years due to the use of artificial intelligence technology, says company founder and CEO Richard Liu. ​Those cuts will […]

An Overview Over the Booming Subscription Box Industry

‚Subscription‘ services are booming. Or, at least, everyone is trying their hand at a version of this. Some reports estimate a total of 2,000 subscription box services in the US. Retail Dive has published a lengthy overview over the different directions this can take and different takes on the potential for subscription boxes and related […]

Rakuten’s Viber Buys Chatter Commerce, Maker of Shopping Keyboard Shopchat

Viber acquires Chatter Commerce which offers a keyboard app for iOS called Shopchat. Shopchat integrates shopping features via its keyboard into, for example, messaging apps. (This works in every iOS app.) Rakuten, which bought the messaging app Viber for $900 million in 2014, was also the lead investor in the company’s $1 million seed funding […]

Truly Mobile Retail: The Treasure Trucks are Coming

We have been writing extensively (compared to the tiny scope of the project) about Amazon’s Treasure Truck and similar approaches. The reason for this is straight-forward: The Treasure Truck programm shows pretty clearly how different one can think retail in the face of an omnipresent, always on, always connected smartphone. Now, Amazon is rolling out […]

How Zalando Is Setting Up the Building Blocks for a Platform With Zalando Zet and Build

Zalando has released slightly disappointing numbers and a new loyalty program called Zalando Zet. (German press release) The timing of both in the same week is most likely no coincidence. Zalando Zet points to Zalando‘s future. Here is today‘s first, unimpressive, iteration of Zalando Zet: Available initially in four German cities ( Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, […]

Analysis: Amazon Fresh Meal-Kits From Amazon, in Addition to “Featured Brands”

And just like that, the first meal-kits are available at Amazon. At first, meal-kits are a part of Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is cooperating with Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers to offer meal-kits in addition to offering meal-kits of its own. The latter being the news here. Business Insider: Amazon’s new meal kits are already […]

Attention, Blue Apron & HelloFresh: Amazon is Getting Into Meal-Kits

It was only a matter of time. The Sunday Times has found a trademark registration from Amazon that tells it all: The internet retailer has registered a trademark in the US for a new service called “We do the prep. You be the chef”. It will cover “prepared food kits . . . ready for […]

The #Noah17 Pitches From Farfetch and Lyst Compared

What would be a Noah conference without pitches by Farfetch and Lyst? Farfetch, especially, is very good at making headlines. Fashion marketplace Lyst provided quite a lot of information on the company this time. Lyst grew GMV 2017 from $215 million to at least $300 million. Here is the pitch from Chris Morton, co-founder and […]

Anytime: When Amazon Is Building a WeChat-Like Messaging App

So, Amazon‘s mobile app armada is soon maybe going to get some strong-ish reinforcements. AFTV News is reporting that Amazon is working on a new stand-alone messaging app, maybe called Anytime: Amazon has begun surveying customers about a new messaging service to gauge which features are most important to users. It’s unclear how far along […]

And Just Like That, Brandless’ Unique Selling Point Evaporates

Brandless, the new direct-to-consumer play gunning for fast-moving consumer goods that raisd $50 million in VC, is advertising a simple way of shopping for those goods online: One price ($3) for every product. This, in theory should reduce the mental overhead in shopping, in addition to doing aways with brands in favor for private labels. […]