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The New Logistics: Uber and Others Streamlining Trucking, Bulk Shipping & Freight Forwarding

In our series ‘The New Logistics’ we cover interesting developments and innovative startups that rethink logistics and delivery at every step of the way. Uber is now matching trucking companies and loads via a new mobile app. Axios: Trucking has long been a target of technology efforts to make it more efficient, ranging from providing […]

It’s Still Early Days: Just 8.5% of all US Retail Sales Happening Online

Here is your regular reminder that it is still early days. Still just 8.5% of all retail sales in the US are conducted online. Data and visualization via the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the U.S. Bureau of the Census: Two remarks: E-commerce share halts but doesn’t decline in recessions. (gray areas) This […]

What Brands and Retailers Advise on How to Work With Instagram Celebrities

Recently, we have been talking about how Boohoo is working with Instagram celebrities to break into the US market and how Outdoor Voices and Glossier are using social media to build their businesses. So, what are some of the experiences of people working with social media ‘influencers’? Here’s Digiday reporting from its own Glossy Summit, […]

E-Commerce Investments Bounce Back Up After Slow-Ish 2016

Market research company CB Insights on the recent uptick in e-commerce investments: Deals to e-commerce startups increased for the first time since Q1’16, reaching 190 deals in the first quarter of 2017. Funding also increased last quarter, more than doubling the $2.3B seen in Q4’16. The top three deals in Q1’17 to Flipkart, Koubei, and […]

Why Outdoor Voices and Glossier Operate in a Super-Focussed Way

More and more online retailers and especially digital-first brands use social networks like Instagram not just for promoting stuff but as a core part of their business. TechCrunch, reporting from TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2017: The founders of Glossier and Outdoor Voices, Emily Weiss and Tyler Haney, respectively, spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York today […]

Online Fashion in Europe: How Boozt Positions Itself Against Zalando

Malma, Sweden, based Boozt published its exchange prospectus (139 pages, PDF) with some enthralling strategy insights: Boozt Fashion grew to around €140 million in 2016. With marketing expenses of close to €20 million (14.7% of revenue) , Boozt managed to break even: Shopping cart size is, according to Boozt, 50% above Zalando’s. Retour quotes are […]

Is Wish Trying its Hand at Social Shopping?

Mobile shopping startup Wish is well known for its agressive discount campaigns to lure people in. (Recently, for example, more and more of the cheapest products have become “free” on Wish. Making only money through shipping fees.) Interestingly (maybe), Wish recently started pushing a very rudimentary version of group buying: It’s the German version of […]