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The Big Three (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba) at Shoptalk 2017

It is unfortunately rare (unseen even?) to have all relevant players on a big stage and thus be able to directly compare them to each other. At the Shoptalk conference last week, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay made very different impressions. And Wish and Walmart will be online players to count on, going forward. Amazon got […]

Amazon vs. Alibaba

Amazon: 3 Million Packages a Day, Alibaba: 12 Million Packages a Day

One aspect of Alibaba’s awe-inspiring scale is how easily it can be underestimated. Because Alibaba is still mainly a Chinese company operating ‘just’ in the Chinese market, one can be forgiven to assume the more internationally operating Amazon might be at least as big as Alibaba. (Hence, the underestimation of Alibaba is a function of […]

Fight For India: Alibaba Goes Paytm, Snapdeal Cuts Costs, Flipkart Cuts Merchant Fees

The biggest news from India over the last couple of days has been Paytm getting $200 million from Alibaba and SAIF Partners. Reuters: Singapore E-Commerce Pvt Ltd picked up a 36.31 percent stake in Paytm E-Commerce for investing $177 million, according to a regulatory filing by the Indian company that runs an online marketplace. […]


Taobao Villages: Alibaba Is Deeply Entrenched in More and More Rural Regions in China

A lot has been written over the last couple of years on how China is leapfrogging brick-and-mortar retail and has whole regions going from agriculture straight to an economy where people sell and buy stuff online. The dynamics that this rapid change brings along are fascinating. (Rapid: e-commerce can spread faster than stores could be […]

Amazon vs. Alibaba

Fight for India: What Alibaba Plans Against Amazon

Great analysis on the pros and cons for Alibaba in the coming battle with Amazon in India at Tech in Asia: For one, Alibaba owns the mobile browser that comes preloaded on many Chinese smartphones (which also get sold in India): Last month in Alibaba-owned UCWeb’s headquarters in Guangzhou, I got a glimpse into its […]

Alibaba, Amazon, Startups, Everyone Wants to Disrupt Global Logistics

Alibaba, which wants to build “the future infrastructure for global commerce”, is continuing to roll out services for sellers to sell abroad. Reuters: Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping line, has teamed up with Alibaba (BABA.N) to allow customers to reserve space on its vessels through the Chinese company, illustrating growing cooperation between e-commerce and […]

Alibaba Leads the Rising Flow of Chinese Investments Into India’s Startups

Forbes on the rising share of Chinese investors in India’s startups: The biggest highlight was Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding and its finance arm Ant Financial. Aiming to gain a stronger foothold in the country’s surging internet retail space, they invested a combined $680 million in mobile wallet Paytm. Alibaba’s investment is bearing fruit now, […]